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A college education is a critical goal for most high school students. The challenge of the college search process is identifying the college of your teenagers’ dreams that also suits their learning style and the family finances. College Solutions has been assisting families with this daunting task since 2001.

We understand how valuable time is to you and to your student. Colleges begin to evaluate your child’s performance after he/she completes eighth grade. We help you make the right decisions to maximize your child’s high school experience while laying a strong groundwork for his/her college admission.

College Solutions understands that you want to make a sound investment in your child’s education. Did you know that 55% of students finish college within six years, rather than the traditional four? We can help your children maximize their time and your money, even if they have yet to identify specific career goals. We can help maximize need-based aid and process financial aid forms. It is important to know which colleges are more likely to award merit-based grants versus those that restrict financial aid to those with significant need.

Most importantly, we can help your children stay organized and achieve their dreams. There is no reason to wait. High school students can achieve amazing feats.

Call us for a free consultation to learn how we can help you through this process.

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September 19
Understanding The New Financial Aid Rules

The Prior, Prior Year filing of financial aid will make life much easier for families.  But it also means that families need to better understand how financial aid is calculated during 9th grade because the 10th grade taxes will impact aid.  Just like tax planning can save you money so can planning for college. You […]

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September 10
65 Colleges Looking To Increase Diversity Offer Fly-in Programs

More than 65 colleges offer free summer and fall visits for under-represented and diverse students. An * before the college name, the trip is free.  A (D), trip is for first gen students. We also give you estimated GPA and test scores for each college. A great resource is http://blog.collegegreenlight.com/blog/college-fly-diversity-programs-2016-2017/#sthash.VvTC4dPp.qm0hz298.dpbs  *(D) Amherst College (2016) Amherst, Massachusetts […]

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August 29
745 Colleges and Universities have released their application essay questions.

Now is the time to start the college essay, 745 Colleges and Universities have released their application essay questions.

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