Hi Larry,

Greetings. I hope you and your family are doing well in these uncertain times. I wanted to share quick update on Cheenu’s acceptance at Carnegie Mellon University. I cannot thank you and your service enough in words for getting us here. Especially introducing Aaron to our family and have him work with Cheenu throughout this entire process. I know we have had several ups and downs during this journey but I am glad everything worked out positively. For this I thank you!

CMUAaron had so much patience with Cheenu and pushed him at every step. He was a Philosopher, counselor, and friend sometimes when approaching Cheenu in various issues. Thanks, Aaron!

It is a new venture for both Cheenu and for us as parents for another 4 years! Hopefully, Cheenu takes this as a great opportunity and be successful in whatever we decide to do!

I wish I could meet you both and say all of this in person. Unfortunately, this is not the time and praying that this should all be over soon for us to get back to normal life. Thanks so much again!



Anyone who is familiar with College Solutions is aware of the outstanding professional counseling services. Not only is College Solutions current with the various financial aid programs offered by each college, but they are sensitive and realistic in their behavior towards each family.

Bernice Goldberg, Ph.D., Ed. Consultant

You have created a terrific college advising center. I truly enjoyed my interviews and like the notion of on-site interviews so that students can explore their interest in a number of different colleges.

Bill Dunfey, Admissions, Alfred University
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