Hi Larry,

Greetings. I hope you and your family are doing well in these uncertain times. I wanted to share quick update on Cheenu’s acceptance at Carnegie Mellon University. I cannot thank you and your service enough in words for getting us here. Especially introducing Aaron to our family and have him work with Cheenu throughout this entire process. I know we have had several ups and downs during this journey but I am glad everything worked out positively. For this I thank you!

CMUAaron had so much patience with Cheenu and pushed him at every step. He was a Philosopher, counselor, and friend sometimes when approaching Cheenu in various issues. Thanks, Aaron!

It is a new venture for both Cheenu and for us as parents for another 4 years! Hopefully, Cheenu takes this as a great opportunity and be successful in whatever we decide to do!

I wish I could meet you both and say all of this in person. Unfortunately, this is not the time and praying that this should all be over soon for us to get back to normal life. Thanks so much again!



Working with Margaret at College Solutions was one of the highlights of my high school experience. Of course, the college application process was so much less intimidating with Margaret by my side, but for me, it was about so much more than just college applications. Margaret encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, to challenge myself, to follow my passions, and most importantly, to always put forth the best version of myself. Without Margaret, I wouldn’t have known about some of my favorite schools that I applied to, or an amazing summer camp, or some incredible scholarship opportunities. What I value most about my experience at College Solutions, though, is the way Margaret made me believe in myself and my ability to really make a difference in this world. I think that self-confidence and optimistic attitude really shone through in all my applications, and I have Margaret to thank for that. I am so thankful that College Solutions eased so much of my stress about college, but more than anything, I am thankful that I have gained a lifelong supporter and friend in Margaret.

Katie T.

We are a two time College Solutions family.  Their up to date knowledge of the ever-changing college application process provided our children with the guidance and support they needed to make informed decisions.  Margaret Baudinet and her team were always ready to answer questions and navigate our kids through the entire process. We are so grateful for their expertise–we couldn’t have done it without them.

Mary Kathryn Chaney
Mary Kathryn Chaney

The college search process can be filled with stress, anxiety and uncertainty. Margaret is the perfect combination of steady force and reassuring calm. She is a wonderful guide for an ever-changing process. We found her to be a wealth of information, not just about colleges and academic programs and opportunities, but about how to help our child find his voice so he could shine in his own way. There is no magic that can get your child into college, but Margaret has a way of helping these kids explore and find what is important to them. She helps them lean into that and eventually, some might say magically, pull it all together for college essays and applications. Her guidance and insight made a stressful time far more bearable.  She did such a great job, we have hired her to help our second child as she navigates class choices and summer opportunities in high school so she too can find what really matters to her. It’s one thing for a child to know what their “wheelhouse” is, but it’s quite another to be able to tap into that wheelhouse and use it to help them shine.

– Heather S.

Heather S.

We would be delighted to have you use us as a reference. I am, however, disappointed that I did not get client of the year. I thought for sure with all my calls, questions, and whining, I would have come close. At least I get another shot at it when our son is ready to go the college route. Our sincerest thanks.

Clients, Tulane University

When families need you, you are there to help guide them on dealing with the college.  The special situation appeals you have done for my clients have saved significant money and lowered their stress.

Don Goldburg, C.P.A., Needham, MA

You befriended our son in the initial meeting and made him feel comfortable with the process. Our family battleground became peaceful once more!

Anonymous (Client Survey)

I cannot tell you how often Sara and I have discussed how differently her life may have turned out had she followed the conventional wisdom and applied to state universities rather than shoot for the stars and go for the best. You had a large part in opening the oyster for Sara.

Pat Donnelly, Wesleyan University

Your top strength is the whole process of finding the right college for the student, getting the best possible financial aid, and being the helpers that tell parents what to do when they do not know.

Jim Mattimore, Social Worker, Framingham, MA

On behalf of Denison University, I wanted to say thank you for all of your help and support. Each student that you referred to us will be a great asset to Denison University.

John Haller, Admissions, Denison University

Both Dean, Neal, and I were very impressed with College Solutions. As a past teacher and high school principal, I can appreciate the fine work that they do. It is obvious why high school principals and guidance counselors bring their own children to them. I would! P.S. We loved the on-site interviews we conducted at your offices.

Dean Stewart, Elmira College
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