Do I Tell People My Test Scores?

The college search and application process begs unavoidable questions – questions from nosy friends, gloating frenemies, adults, even from annoying relatives. What did you get on the PSAT test? What did you get on the SAT/ACT/AP/Subject test? Where are you going to college?

You don’t have to answer; you don’t have to discuss it with anyone but your parents. It’s your business. There’s no up side to answering. It draws stress, anxiety and unhelpful comparisons. There’s more to a college choice than grades and test scores. The answers to these questions are incomplete glimpses and do not reflect the whole picture. Most rankings are little or no value in understanding how a college will meet your needs. The right fit is what you seek, and the important thing is selecting colleges that will give you the opportunity to succeed.

As for the nosy questions, sidestep them with a statement that politely shuts down or re-directs the conversation, a skill you will be able to use again and again:

‘What did you get on the PSAT/SAT/ACT?

OMG, you want to know what?

  • ‘I haven’t gotten a perfect score, so I’m going to keep trying.’
  • ‘It will just make you feel bad.’
  • ‘I’m happy with my results.’
  • ‘I’m not worried about my test scores. ‘I am more focused on grades.’
  • ‘I need to work on __________. I’ll talk with you later.’
  • ‘Let’s discuss something more exciting, like ___________.’

If you do engage in a conversation, don’t always believe what others tell you; not everyone will tell the truth. Ultimately, once you get to college, no one cares about SAT, ACT, or high school GPA anymore.

‘Where are you applying or Where are you going to college?’

  • ‘Where I decide to attend will be lucky to have me.’
  • ‘I have a list of schools that I love. I’ll let you know when I decide where I want to go.

These are just the first in many nosy life questions – What are you majoring in? What are doing after you graduate? When are you getting married?

Being prepared with answers that redirect the conversation helps relieve the stress of the uncertainty these questions bring up.

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