We Guarantee A College That Fits You

finding the right college for you is important

College Application Counseling includes:

  • Conducting an in-depth student interview as well as an in-depth parent interview
  • Creating and coordinating an action plan that helps the student and family stay on task
  • Developing and refining a list of colleges that meets the student AND family requirements
  • Assistance in developing a college visit strategy that maximizes your time and money
  • Offering strategic advice regarding the selection of high school courses, activities, internships and summer activities
    • Strengthening attributes that colleges and employers desire
    • Building skills that colleges and employers value
  • Polishing and reviewing applications
  • Essay coaching
  • Interview skill instruction and practice
  • Reviewing college acceptances for academic and financial fit

Our staff has extensive counseling experience and detailed knowledge of colleges around the nation. We visit more than 30 colleges per year and can therefore connect our students with the best fit college based on academics, social life, learning need support, and much more.

Our Guarantee: Since we take fit so seriously, we will guide your children through the transfer process at no additional cost if they find that they are not happy with their college of choice during freshman year.

Financial Aid Forms and Analysis. We help the self-employed, divorced, never married, or remarried parent understand how to maximize need-based aid. We know which colleges are generous with merit money and which are not. Colleges do not award aid consistently – each school has its own parameters. We do not sell any financial products, and we are happy to collaborate with professionals you already work with — your financial planner, CPA or attorney.

Career Counseling is based on detailed assessment tools and years of counseling and real world experience.  We help the student understand the skill sets they possess and, in turn, try to connect them with opportunities that will help them identify and pursue the vocation of their dreams.

  • In high school, we help the student consider and evaluate majors and careers.
  • In college, we help students refine their choices and prepare for the workforce.
  • Post-college, we help students find the first career, not the first job!
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