Maximize Your Child’s Potential


Course Selection

Curriculum is one of the most important parts of a student’s college application. Colleges expect academic rigor, so enrolling in the right mix of College Prep, Honors, AP and IB classes is essential. AP classes can significantly elevate a student’s academic standing, especially when the student is coming from an exceptionally competitive high school. We guide our students to carry a well-balanced, competitive curriculum that demonstrates varied interests, academic aptitude and good time management.


Summer Activities

Colleges understand that students have busy schedules that include activities, service work, academic challenges and family responsibilities; however, colleges are very interested in how students use the summer break. We work with our students to plan inspiring, yet clarifying summer experiences. From attending entrepreneurship workshops to shadowing engineers, and from building robots to taking part in volunteer missions, we connect our students with opportunities that help them refine their interests and impress the college of their dreams.


Extracurricular Activities

Students need to be involved; however, they must get involved in activities about which they are passionate. Participating in 14 different clubs is pointless if your student holds no passion for any of them. Students need to exhibit the attributes and skills that colleges desire. Colleges want to attract students who are passionate and commit their time to activities that matter to them.

When it comes time to write college essays, you want your child to be passionate about something and therefore be able to express that passion in an articulate and proficient manner.


Leveraging Athletics

As many students want to continue playing their sport in college, whether it is football, field hockey, squash or swimming, College Solutions knows how to contact college coaches. We guide students through recruiting timelines and the intricate process of being “seen” by a college official. CAUTION: the athletics recruitment process starts early. We recommend potential college athletes start working with us during their sophomore year at the latest.


Minimizing Family Conflict

The college search and application process is an intense, busy time. Parents want their children to stay on task; children bristle at parents’ comments, as well-intentioned as those comments may be. This scenario plays out at dinner tables across the nation nearly every evening.

College Solutions helps diffuse family tension by working with the future college student and the parents to organize priorities, develop an action plan, and hold students accountable for each task.

This allows parents to remain parents — not naggers. Leave the nagging to us!



Families who are currently experiencing or have experienced divorce have a particularly daunting challenge when it comes to the college admission process.

Communication can be difficult for divorced families. College Solutions can help bridge the gap and find common ground in which all parties can support the college-bound child in his/her college pursuits.

Divorce impacts the college financial aid process in several ways. Many colleges will include the assets of both the custodial and non-custodial parent in calculations, and some colleges go further by including assets of a stepparent. This can drastically impact the financial aid package a college offers.

About half of our client base is composed of families of divorce. We can help you make sense of this process.


Visual Arts

Many high school students have a special talent in the visual arts (painting, graphic design, computer design, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media). For students interested in pursuing their art form in college and/or professionally, we have a three-part approach:

Our approach is three-fold:

  1. Identify viable conservatories or design schools that will value your student’s work.
  2. Encourage your child to accumulate a portfolio and/or visual art supplement.
  3. Connect families with professionals in the visual arts field who have specific experience in portfolio preparation.


Performing Arts

Many high school students are trained in the performing arts (drama, music, dance or marching band) and are interested in pursuing their art form in college and/or professionally. Our approach is three-fold:

Our approach is three-fold:

  1. Identify viable conservatories or schools that will value your student’s talents.
  2. Encourage the applicant to assemble a performing arts supplement and/or prepare for auditions.
  3. Connect families with professionals in the performing arts field with specific experience in the audition process/supplement creation.
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