Manage Your Money

You work hard for your money, so we want to maximize its value according to your goals. College Solutions helps you understand the options that are available to you. We work with your financial team (financial planner, accountant or attorney) to plan how you will cover college costs and minimize surprises. We prepare an analysis to show you how each college on your child’s list will view your ability to pay for college. The need-based financial aid process is even more complex for business owners and divorced or never-married families.

Avoid Transfers

Transferring can be a very expensive mistake. We work to find a college that fits the student’s interests and the family finances the first time around. When circumstances or goals change, we help those who want to transfer understand the economics of such a decision and how to proceed while still minimizing costs.

Financial Aid

Need-based financial aid is based on family income and assets in the prior year. In some situations, two years of finances can come into play. Every college has its own methodology for awarding aid. We can analyze how colleges will look at your family’s financial state and estimate how much aid a family should expect from each respective college.

Merit-based financial aid can be awarded when the student brings something desirable to the college. Merit aid has nothing to do with family financials. Every college has its own guidelines for awarding grants and scholarships. Some colleges do not offer merit money; others are generous to the students they seek. It is important to know to which type of colleges your child is applying.

Visit the Correct Colleges for You

Visiting unsuitable colleges can waste your time and money. We help students choose schools that fit them both academically and financially. We coach our students to visit colleges that are likely to admit students with a similar academic, extracurricular and social profile. We also can explain to a family how to make a visit effective, efficient and fun.

College Payment Options

Each family needs to understand all of the college payment options, thus allowing you to maintain your flexibility with financing. If you have a college savings account or even if you are planning to pay for college in full, talk with us about your options. We aim to make the most of your dollars, every semester of your child’s college education.


Divorce is a tough situation; in some cases it can make college less expensive. Often, divorced families find that financial aid opportunities are available to them that would not have been options prior to divorce. We have the expertise to help you navigate the process and manage your expectations.

Business Owners

Business owners have unique and significant advantages in receiving need-based financial aid, if the correct steps are taken in advance of the financial aid application process. The best time to review options and develop a plan is during your child’s freshman or sophomore year in high school. We can review these options with your financial team and make an action plan for the next three to seven years.


College Solutions analyzes the impact of need and merit awards in the context of the real cost of college. In April, when you are making the final decision as to where your child will attend college, we will help you decide what school presents the best value. Although colleges do not negotiate aid packages, we can help the family communicate with the school, highlighting special circumstances that could result in additional aid.

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