Manage Your Time

managing your time is important when applying to college

Managing your time is important when your child starts the college application process. We understand that your time is valuable. Many parents spend 5-15 hours per week of their child’s junior and senior years working on the college application process. When you add that to an already busy schedule, this can wreak havoc on peace in the household.

Let us help you. We visit 30+ colleges every year. We know the student profile these schools find desirable and how they try to shape their incoming classes. With our admissions experience, we understand exactly how to help your child stand out.




At College Solutions, we believe that applying to college should be grounded not in brand recognition, but rather in finding the right fit for your student. The college search is not about the “best” school in the U.S. News and World Report listings — it is about the best fit for your child. We specialize in finding the right fit school based on a multitude of variables including social environment, academic rigor, religious atmosphere, political culture, extracurricular activities, and specific area of study.

Our Guarantee: Since we take fit so seriously, we will guide your children through the transfer process at no additional cost if they find that they are not happy with their college of choice during freshman year.



Visiting colleges could require 5-20 days out of your year, during both junior and senior years. From college interviews to athletic clinics, this process may involve extensive travel.

We want to help you make the most of your time. We will help strategize your visits in the most efficient, effective way possible. We will give you recommended clusters of schools in the region of your interest. We will show you how to structure your visits so that your student can get an authentic impression of a college.


Learning Differences

We have extensive experience with students with learning differences, including executive function, processing disorders, memory recall, ADD/ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome.

The right fit is even more critical for students with learning differences. We understand the college support structure very well. We can help your family ask the right questions to identify which schools will support and enrich your child’s learning environment.



We pride ourselves on premier essay coaching in the college admission process. Each student is assigned to a “writing coach,” who will help the student choose creative topics/themes and craft compelling personal statements. Coaches will critique up to four drafts of each essay, reviewing for content, grammar, diction and syntax.

Our writing coaches will help students brainstorm creative essay topics and coach them towards crafting compelling personal statements.

With students applying to 8 to 12 schools each year, some applicants will write as many as 30 college admission essays. Armed with a database of all of the college essay questions, College Solutions helps students organize their essay responses. Click here to see the profiles of the writing coaches.


Minimizing Transfers

Last year 27% of college freshmen dropped out or transferred schools. Our client drop out/transfer rate is 3%.

There are hidden costs to transferring colleges. Not all coursework will transfer. Most transfer students will have to repeat some courses in order to align their previous curriculum with that of their new school. Repeated courses translate into repeated expenditures and added time to graduate. Our goal is to minimize transfers in order to save you time and money.


Apply on Time

College Solutions keeps our students on task. We set deadlines for each step of the application process and then send reminders to students (and parents) leading up to the due dates.

We take pride in holding our students accountable for their work. A majority of our clients will have completed their essays prior to the first day of senior year. It is the student’s responsibility to meet all deadlines. We treat students like the college students they will soon be — students are responsible for their destiny.


First Generation in the United States

We counsel clients who have immigrated from many counties, including China, India, Taiwan, Pakistan, England, Russia, South Africa, Argentina and various European countries. We understand these families may not be familiar with the American college admissions process. We help families leverage their position to give their child the best chances possible. We help first generation students highlight how their global perspectives will enhance their academic and social potential on a college campus.

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