Finding the College That Fits Your Child: Sharon Seminar 9/27

students walking through the gate at StanfordLooking to find the college that best fits your child or to obtain free money?  We will show you how to find schools that are the right fit as we walk you through the admissions process.  Learn about merit money opportunities and what you can do to better your child’s chances of receiving this free money, regardless of whether your child is a top student or an average student.

Understand why starting the college early can offer significant advantages. This seminar class is particularly important if your student is at the top of the class, has learning differences, is an athlete, or is average. See what it takes to get into an Ivy and why your child may be rejected from the school you considered to be a “safety” school.

2016 was a year of significant change, Standardized testing has changed, admissions have become more competitive than ever, and a new “Coalition” application is being used by some colleges. In addition, the financial aid application process has undergone recent changes that require planning in the freshman year of high school.

Parents who are separated, divorced, or never married will learn what they should know about financial aid. Larry Dannenberg has spent years working in this field and has a wide breadth of knowledge on this subject. He wrote the chapter on financial aid in the “Financial aspects of divorce” for the MCLE and lectures on the subject at numerous financial planning groups.

Immigrant parents or parents whose children will be the first in their family to attend college will find this class very helpful.  You will learn the subtleties of the college process and develop an understanding of how your child may be at a disadvantage at some schools and have advantages at others.

Larry Dannenberg, founder of College Solutions, is a professional college placement counselor with a deep understanding of the financial aid process.  College Solutions prides itself on a record of over 15 years of successful service in college placement and financial aid.

Register at Sharon Community Education
The $2o tuition,  | tel: (781)784-1574 or (781)784-2333 |

The seminar is being offered on September 27th from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM at Sharon High School.


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