Summer Plans for High School Students during COVID-19

COVID-19 has turned most students’ summers upside down. How can they still leverage their summer to improve their chances of college admission? Join us to discuss these options and much more. These are some of the questions we will answer:

-What can a student do?

-How do they find that opportunity they enjoy?

-Do colleges care about summers?

Watch this 30-minute video to get some ideas .


How to write the College Essay?

The time has come. It’s time for students to start their college essays. What now?

How will you tell your story? Will you use humor or drama? Do you want to use a random topic or just your life story? Neither? We’ll be covering:
• What Makes a Personal Statement Great
• How Important Really Is the College Essay?
• How (and When) to Begin Your College Essay Process

• Should I Write About Coronavirus? If So, How?

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Students learn in a myriad of ways and as the pandemic cycle fluctuates, so too may access to a traditional in-person classroom experience.
Now more than ever, students must learn skills such as self-advocacy, time management, flexibility, and persistence. 

Join our panelists from Beyond BookSmart, experts in Executive Function. We will discuss how to build essential skills for success in college and beyond. We will take questions during this live webinar Wednesday, May 13 at 1 PM EST.

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College Admissions and the impact of Coronavirus

We present a weekly 30-minute webinar on the college admissions process and the impact that the coronavirus has on higher education. You can subscribe to the webinar and our newsletter on our main web page:

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Why Get College Applications Done In The Summer?