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Welcome to College Solutions


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With a majority of students applying to eight to 12 colleges each year, competition is more fierce than ever. College Solutions typically starts counseling students on admission in ninth grade or the beginning of tenth grade.  With each passing year, we aim to help students create a competitive, diverse application that appeals to several exceptional institutions. 

Starting to plan for college in senior year can be a critical mistake.


How will your child stand out? 

Where and when do you start?

What colleges are right for your child?

What should you be worried about and when?


Managed by Larry Dannenberg and Margaret Bolton Baudinet, College Solutions can help your child:

•         Choose a competitive curriculum and leverage his/her high school setting

•         Identify and obtain outstanding summer opportunities

•         Pick the right college

•         Stand out from the thousands of other applicants with creative essays

•         Apply for and earn scholarships or grants to the college of his/her choice.


 How Does It Work

  1. We begin the process with an in-depth personal interview, delving into preferences and priorities that affect a student's school selections, such as diversity, geographical location, sports, majors, likes, dislikes, etc.

  2. Based on this interview, as well as SAT scores, grades, extracurriculars, etc., we will compile a list of colleges to meet your criteria, incorporating "safety," "reasonable," and "reach" schools into the equation. We have many years of experience in matching students to colleges that are a perfect fit for them.  In the college list, we will show students which school offer and do not offer substancial financial aid. 

  3. Once a college list is assembled, we will help the student plan visits to each school and as opinions change, we help students revise the list as needed.  

  4. Once the application process begins, we will help students plan, draft, and review each essay.  We help students think creatively and persuasively as they engage each college.

  5. College Solutions will also assist you by completing the data section of your Common Application with your information. We will review information for completeness and accuracy.

  6. College Solutions will work with the parents to attain the greatest amount of financial aid. We will meet with both the parents to estimate Expected Family Contribution (EFC) to help determine financial aid status. Our expertise is directing families to schools that give significant amounts of financial aid and/or merit money. Keep in mind that our average client family earns more than $75,000 annually and our students average $18,000 per year in aid. 

    College Solutions completes all financial aid paperwork: FAFSA (online), CSS Profile (online), Business and Farm Supplement, as well as individual college financial aid paperwork (Some colleges require more than just the FAFSA or CSS). Students are required by the colleges to make their college decision by May 1st. We meet with parents and students to review financial aid awards, discuss options and assist you in making the best decision as to where you will attend.

After the student has made his/her deposit to the school, College Solutions will assist with any loan paperwork to meet any un-met need.

We are different from other advisors; College Solutions does not sell insurance products of any kind, nor do we provide loans. We are dedicated to the student's best interest.